21 Hot and Head Turning Ways to Pair Blue Denims with White Tops – The 4th is my Favorite 

 August 20, 2016

By  Puja

ways to pair blue denims with whites

Ways to pair Blue Denims with White Tops?

That’s a combination that is made for each other. If I amĀ asked, “What color goes well with a Blue Denim?”, the first thing that comes to my mind is White. And irrespective of if it is a white t-shirt, white shirt or, a white top, it just blends into you. Also you feel refreshed and raring to go.

Blue color is generally used as a representation forĀ intellectuals. It is the color of the mind and is hence soothing, calms the mind and aids in concentration and at the same time stimulates clear thoughts.

At the same time White stands for peace, purity and cleanness. When this combines with Blue, it gives the feeling of completion.

The absolute basic combination would be to pair a white shirt along with a skin-fit jeans. But when I was browsing the web through some of the regular sites that I visit, I came across almost innumerable combinations of blue denims and white tops. Some combined it with skirts, some with shorts and yet other the old school regular fit jeans. I was amazed at the different ways to pair blue denims with White Tops.

21 Ways to Pair Blue Denims with White Tops

In this post here, I have picked 21 of the best ways to pair Blue Denims with White Tops. Some of these were extremely attention grabbing and innovative at the same time like the one with the blue long coat below. I hope you liked these collections and I am sure one of these will surely inspire you to a new combination for yourselves.

The Good Old combination

This is the very basic styling that most people naturally prefer. While it is easier to do, it is also very easy to carry. Add a dark colored shade glasses along with some absolute basic jewellery and you have a killer combination and look.


Image Source: www.gurl.com

The Blazer Combination

Pairing your blue denims with a white tee and a dark colored blazer can give you a semi-formal look. This is if you do not want to look absolutely casual.


Image Source: www.cyndispivey.com

The Tattered Skirt Combination

Tattered jeans has lately become the favorite of many. So why not combine a tattered denim skirt with a white shirt. If you can carry it well, then this is one amazing casual look.


Image Source: www.more.com

The Organized Skirt Combination

This is my favorite combination of all. A nice pointed denim skirt paired with a white formal shirt and giving it a casual look with folded sleeves and keep the first couple of buttons open. Minimal jewellery is what is recommended.


Image Source: www.more.com

The Dangri Combination

This is a good combination if you can pull it off. What you wear as a combination to the Dangri, is what will decide how the look goes.

Denim style

Image Source: smiling-allday.tumblr.com

The Tattered Shorts Combination

Pairing a white linen kurta shirt along with a Blue tattered denims can be the absolute best for a casual outing.


Image Source: stylecusp.com

The Short Dangri Skirt Combination

This smart casual look can be a choice for unofficial parties and get-togethers. Wearing it with a pair of Snickers and minimal to ZERO jewellery can give you a different look.

blue denim

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

The Netted Top Combination

Netted tops can also go really well with Blue Denims. You could wear it with Skirts or, skin fit bottoms. This combination with a Tattered skin fit bottom has a very unique look.

denim fashion

Image Source: decharcoencharco.com

The Smart Coat Combination

Pair a Blue Denim with a white top and a Contrasting coat and you have the absolute head turning look. Minimal Rustic jewellery will go well with this combination.

denim fashion

Image Source: allforfashiondesign.com

The White Printed Combination

Printed white Tops can also go well with Blue Denims, to give you the smart casual look.

white top

Image Source: crazytogether.com

The Shorts Top Combination

This is a very unique pairing and not a lot of people would have the confidence to pull this through. The success of this combination lies in the selection of the top. Knitted tops can go really well with this combo.

blue denim

Image Source: livinginyellow.com

The Long Coat Combination

Adding a pretty long coat, preferably blue colored or, a similar shade to your denim combination can give you a unique look.

denim short

Image Source: stylecaster.com

The Street Style Combination

This street style combination where you pair a Blue Denim with a Blouse with an off the shoulder neckline can give you a nice look.

Blue Jeans

Image Source: instyle.com

The College combination

This used to be our favorite college outfit. A simple white tee paired with Blue skin fit jeans and a shirt tied to your waist.. Wow!


Image Source: glamradar.com

The Formal Coat Combination

Light colored formal knee length coats can also go really well with Blue Denim and White shirts.


Image Source: glamradar.com

The Coat and Tattered Jeans

Pairing your whites with a Formal Coat and Tattered jeans can give you a nice rustic look.


Image Source: glamradar.com

The Short Jacket Combination

Just slide into a dark colored jacket and your combination of the White top and Blue Denims could just be different from the normal.


Image Source: gypsyluster.wordpress.com

The Shorts & Shoulder Neckline Blouse Combo

Blue Denim Shorts paired with a Shoulder neckline blouse can give you the casual look you wanted.

cropped top

Image Source: voguehaus.com

The Sweater Combination

Pullovers and Sweaters have always made great combination with Blue Denims. And if the pullover is white and you wear a nice chequered shirt inside, then the combination is absolutely marvellous.


Image Source: sequinsandthings.com

The Blue Straight Skirt Combo

This is a very simple yet elegant look. Pair a Blue straight Skirt combo with a simple white short tee and you are ready for any occasion.

denim skirt

Image Source: glamradar.com

The Long Skirt Sleeveless Combination

Long Blue denim skirts can give you a taller look. Pair it with a sleeveless top and you are sporting a glamorous look that very few around you would be sporting.

long denim skirt

Image Source: www.hautelook.com

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