15 Simple Ways to Style a Bomber Jacket for Maximum Attention 

 August 1, 2016

By  Puja

style a bomber jacket

What time of the year do you normally wear a Bomber Jacket?

For anyone who knows how to correctly style a Bomber jacket, there is not particular time that it is worn. In fact for them, it can be worn round the year.

What exactly is a Bomber Jacket?

A Bomber Jacket is a short jacket that is usually, tightly gathered at the waist and cuffs by an elastic. These would normally have a front ZIP instead of buttons. While it is mostly considered a men’s wear, a lot of women have also started wearing them. In fact a lot of celebrities have paired them very nicely with denims and even skirts and made it as much a women’s wear as it is a men’s wear.

Bomber jackets, because of its looks needs to be carefully styled. Else it could look like a very poor combination. It is also important to keep in mind that you need to be careful of what you are buying because not all Bomber jackets might look well on everyone. Color, pattern, length etc. are just some of the things that you might want to pick carefully so that these jackets look good on you.

15 Ways to Style a Bomber Jacket

In this post we are showing you 15 simple and effective ways to style a Bomber Jacket for maximum attention. These will surely serve as inspirations for you, the next time you plan to style a bomber jacket, with that skirt or, even with that favorite denim of yours.

A Bomber Jacket goes best with a Denim. Light Blue denims are most preferred, but depending upon the color of the jacket, you could choose any denim.

Paired with a Tattered Jeans

It looks the best when paired with tattered jeans.

Bomber Jacket Styling

Image Courtesy: LizLizo

Pairing with a Denim Skirt

Denim skirts of varying length can also look really well with Bomber Jackets.

bomber jacket 1

Image Couresy: I Love Fashion and Boys

Paired with a Thigh High Boots

Various combinations with dresses and paired with thigh high boots can also be seen as a preferred choice with many people.

Bomber Jackets

Image Courtesy: Just the Design

Pair it with a Short Skin Fit Trouser

If you can pick the right color combination, then this pairing can be awesome.

Bomber Jackets Style

Image Courtesy: Just the Design

Paired with a Contrasting leather Skirt

If your choice is a colored bomber jacket, then you can choose this styling option and pair it with contrasting colored leather skirts.

Styling a bomber jacket

Image Courtesy : The Trendy Tale

Paired with a Black Leather Skirt

They go really well with black leather skirts as well.

Bomber Jacket

Image Courtesy: The Daily Mail

Paired with a Sweater

Wearing a bomber jacket with a light colored sweater inside can also give you that adorable look.

Bomber Jacket Styling Tips

Image Courtesy: Just the Design

Pairing it for the Perfect Casual Look

If casuals are your choice then, light colored jackets can be your best picks.

Styling a Bomber Jacket

Image Courtesy: Just the Design

Paired with a Medium length Skirt

Skirts of varying lengths and colors go really well with bomber jackets. You just need to be careful about your choice of colors.

Bomber Jacket Styles

Image Courtesy: Pop Sugar

Pairing it with Whites

Light colored jackets with Whites can give you that perfect semi-formal look.

Bomber Jacket Styles

Image Courtesy: Just the Design

Pairing it with Long Skirts

Long skirts are another beautiful option that go well with dark colored leather bomber jackets.

Bomber Jackets

Image Courtesy: Harpers Bazaar

Paired with tight trousers

Pair it with tight dark colored trousers and high heels and you have a killer combination.

Bomber Jacket Styling Tips

Image Courtesy: Just the Design

Pairing it with Frocks

It goes well with Frocks too, but you need to be particularly sure about the color of the jacket that you are going to wear.

how to style a bomber jacket

Image Courtesy: The Zoe Report

Pairing it with Black Jeans

When we are talking about pairing bomber jackets with Jeans, how can we leave out black ones.

Bomber Jacket Tips

Image Courtesy: The Daily Mail

Paired with Flared Trousers

They go really well with Flared Trousers as well, but it would depend upon the color of your jackets.

Bomber Jacket Style Tips

Image Courtesy: The Vogue

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