Top 5 Smartwatches for 2015 

 October 18, 2014

By  Puja

Recent news suggests that the SmartWatch may be more popular than smartphones or computer tablets during this holiday shopping season.Here’s everything you need to know if you’re thinking about getting one yourself or gifting it to one of your tech-savvy friend.

Whether used as a timepiece, or as a symbol of fashion excellence, the wristwatch has been with us since its inception in 1968 byPatek Philippe.A useful fashion staple – for men and women alike – adding to and personalizing formal attire, or breaking up more casual assembles. That is, until recently.Ironically, since the emergence of the mobile phone, the wristwatch has not stood the proverbial ‘test of time’.

However, today watches have been re-imagined. Symbolically rising from their grave as some form of cyborg, hybrid of technology: the echoes of the past still clear to see, even beneath that shiny, new exterior.They are wristwatches built with the intention of harmoniously synchronizing with our pocket-dwelling smartphones, not to replace them; a dynamic duo.The present landscape of smartwatches is still relatively small. Although new players are emerging in an attempt to offer new services and price-points.

Currently, the undisputed top dog is Samsungs Gear Watch according to Amazon. But now, companies such as Motorola, Sony, Pebble, and now Apple are making enough noise to begin to worry the South Korean giants.

DESIblitz presents our top five smartwatches that you should keep your eyes on.

The SmartWatch 3 is clearly at the bleeding-edge of smartwatch technology in terms of raw specification; we will see how it fairs within the real world, however.


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