5 Catchy Maxi Styling Combinations That Will Make Heads Turn 

 May 31, 2016

By  Puja

When I was first introduced to the maxi dress, I was a bit taken aback. “What on earth is a Maxi Dress?” I thought. I am sure a lot of you who haven’t been exposed to this dress will have the same thoughts when you read the headline of this post. So let me first set the context for you.

This is what the Wikipedia has to say about Maxi-dress –

A maxi dress is a floor or, ankle length dress mostly worn in informal occasions. Maxi dresses are formfitting at the top and loose flowing at the bottom, cut to flow over the body. They are usually made out of cotton or polyester and come in a variety of necklines, colors and patterns.

Maxi dresses are one of the best outfits for summer. The long, loose flowing dress can fit any occasion and serve as a very comfortable wear during summers. Talking about the occasion, whether it is a fourth of July barbecue or, a summer wedding, maxi dresses can make the best outfits for you. While the common misconception is that maxi dresses are not the best one for curvy, short, pear shaped women, the fact is that with the right cut and design, this outfit can fit women of any body shape. The thought that long floor length dresses only look good on lean body types is completely wrong. With the right prints and accessories, anyone can pull off a stunning look in a nice maxi dress.

You should be able to find nice maxi dresses on most of the fashion stores, both online and offline. I have found a few good ones at ebay as well, but then where you buy from is entirely your choice.

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Breezy Blue Maxi Dress


Magical Pink Maxi


Cool Maxi Outfit for Summer


Cute Blue Maxi Dress


Maxi Summer Fun

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Breezy Blue Maxi Dress
Magical Pink Maxi
Cool Black Maxi
Cute Blue Maxi Dress
Multicolored Maxi Dress

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