Tips to be the Best Dressed Employee at Workplace 

 June 6, 2016

By  Puja

When it comes to dressing for your office, I am sure you are like hundreds of those who want to be the best dressed employee at your workplace. If you attire is good, it instills a sense of confidence in you. And that confidence is enough to make an average day a superb day for you.

Workplace dressing is not like dressing up for a party. You need to be very careful about what you wear to work. Since the primary objective of dressing up to your workplace is to look professional, it is important that your selection of dresses have a professional touch to it. Also at the same time it is also important that your dresses look good on you.

Here are some handy tips about dressing right to our workplace, that I had read about some time back. While the last point is a mutually exclusive one, I somehow feel that the correct dress automatically makes you confident and you just rock it even unknowingly. So you don’t have to be too conscious on carrying it through well.

  • Follow any written company dress code; even if others do not or the code is not enforced.
  • Integrate a bit of your personal style into your work wardrobe so your look never feels stale.
  • Avoid overly trendy pieces; instead, opt for investment attire.
  • Confidence is key; once you create your look, rock it!

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One very important thing to keep in mind when you pick your office wear is the fact that you choice of dresses should sync with your company’s brand. You shouldn’t stand out as an odd man, just because you have a specific style of dressing and you just did not want to change it and adapt to what your organization’s dressing style is.

Image consultant Shireena Shroff, considers workplace dressing as one of the 3 important things to make your presence felt in an organization. She puts the ABCs of getting ahead in your career through cohesively making your (A) appearance, (B) behavior and (C) communication skills work together.

Appearance: link yourself to the brand

Assimilate with your company and corporate culture. It’s fine to have your own style, but don’t stick out like a sore thumb because you are stuck on dressing a certain way.

“If you work for a high end private bank and have a client-facing role, you can never afford to be under-dressed,” says Shireena. “It’s always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.”

Behaviour through branding

Time to get inquisitive, says Shireena. “Ask yourself what are you saying, for yourself and your brand.”

That may involve dressing more or at times even less formally, depending on your corporate culture. Try this exercise: pick a role model at your company who has a job title you’d like to advance to. How do they dress and behave outwardly? Take a leaf out of their book and you’ll have started mirroring success. Just make sure your attitude is in sync with your appearance, says Shireena.

“There should never be a disparity between who you are and how you look. Bridge the gap between where you are, and where you want to be. If you want change, you need to change.”

Communicating a positive perception

“When you are consistently well-presented in appearance and manner, it influences the perception people have of you within the organisation,” advises Shireena.

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With so much of advice around, we thought why not pick a few good workplace costumes for you so that you can be the best dressed employee at your workplace.

The Best Dressed Employee Looks

Here are 4 ways you could look good in your workplace outfit.

The Blazer Outfit – Blazers can look real good if you pick the right ones. It will not only shield you from the cold environs at office, but also give you the nice professional look that you deserve.


pink blazer

The Skirt Suits – Skirt suit are ideal for days when there is a meeting with your clients or, your bosses. It gives you a nice business like look and also gives out the impression that you mean business.


skirt suit

The Pleated Skirts – Pleated skirts can be one of the easiest and most comfortable wears to office. If you are expecting a normal day without a lot of meetings, then this can be the best choice for the day.

pleated skirt

The Right Accessories – This is one of the most ignored aspects of Workplace dressing. Slick ear-rings, necklaces and all, while could be the best choices when you dress for a party, it is just not the ideal choice for office. Pearls, diamonds etc. are the more preferred ones. Wear it if you have one, else leave it. Whatever it is that you wear, it is important that you keep in mind that your accessories also need to look as professional as your outfit is.



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