28 Styling Tips that Michelle Obama Fashion Can Teach You! 

 December 2, 2015

By  Puja

Michelle Obama Fashion

It is no secret that Michelle Obama, is a style icon. She knows how to get dressed like a first lady and the way she carries herself, it itself is a good crash course on how to style. She has excellent dressing sense and merely observing her dresses on some of the occasions can be an inspiration to styling.

The first lady is very particular about what to wear and very often you will find her wearing dresses that nicely cling onto the body. A lot of times you will find her wearing broad belts around the waist showing off her narrow waistline. It is very rare that you will find her wearing bulky dresses which is a good lesson in styling – “Don’t wear bulky dresses that make you look bulky and over-weight”.

Her official black dresses are often accompanied by very minimal jewellery like the white double stranded pearls in one of the pictures below. When dressing officially it is important that you don’t overdo your jewellery and keep it a simple.

Mrs. Obama also shows that official is not always black. She often dresses nicely in colored dresses for official occasion. Colors can brighten your mood and your skin tone as well though the first lady always looks cheerful and doesn’t need a specific color to do that.

She has a nice selection of shoes to go with her dresses. It is not always high heels or, uncomfortably tight shoes that gives you a stylish look. The first lady shoes you that wearing comfortable flats can also look stylish if paired with a suitable dress.

You will find the lady dressed in all kinds of dresses from Palazzos to skirts and Formal trousers to denims.

We have curated these 28 different styles from Michelle Obama Fashion. Each of these has a styling tip in it and we hope that each of these will serve as an inspiration for you to get dressed.

Comment below and tell us what your inspiration from these were. You can pick any one dress of your choice and tell us how that inspired you.

Michelle Obama Fashion Tips

These are 28 different costumes that we picked from a variety of pictures of the First lady. All of these show the superb styling sense of Mrs. Obama. We couldn’t but call these inspirational tips, “Michelle Obama Fashion Tips” and I hope you too would agree with it.

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