How to Wear a Turtleneck – 7 Styling Tips to Look Perfect in a Turtleneck this Winter 

 November 5, 2016

By  Puja

how to wear a turtleneck

Wondering how to wear a turtleneck?

I am a fan of the Winters when it comes to fashion. The number of options that you have is just incomparable to any other seasons. Jackets, pullovers, long coats, blazers, sweaters, shawls, mufflers and what not.

The best part about all of these winter costumes is the fact that these can be nicely paired with pretty much anything, be it a formal business meeting or, a casual party.

And, with Winters just around the corner, it really makes sense to check out some styling tips in winter wears.

So get ready to pull out those turtlenecks from within your closet and get ready for winter. Because we have 7 simple tips on how to wear a turtleneck specifically picked for you.

Did you know that turtlenecks are also called as Polo Necks in UK and Skivvy in Australia?

It is because of the closed fitting tight collar on these sweaters that these get called a polo neck. And since the appearance, after you wear one of these sweaters, is one like that of a turtle, it is also called as a turtleneck.

Turtlenecks go well with pretty much anything and it is just a matter of the color selection which really makes a difference in how elegant you look and for what occasion.

So let us look the 7 styles on how to wear a turtleneck.

How to Wear a Turtleneck – 7 Inspirations

I was super impressed with the way Gigi Hadid paired a light-colored turtleneck with blue denim and a knee high boots. The big shades gave it an amazingly cool look.


Image Courtesy: whowhatwear.com

This Red Ochre colored turtleneck can go really well with white denim or, even black ones. Pair it with light lipstick and some simple antic jewelry and you would make heads turn.

turtleneck sweater

Image Courtesy: mash-elle.com

Turtlenecks look real good with coats, blazers or, even a long fur coat. The color combination is what is important here. Use contrasting colors to make it look pleasant.

turtleneck style

Image Courtesy: harpersbazaar.com

Orange is evergreen. And it looks superb if paired with a dark color like that of Black or, Blue. A pair of knee high boots, some simple jewelry and you are ready for whatever occasion it is.

orange turtleneck sweater

Image Courtesy: peachesinapod.com

Skirts also go really well with Turtle Necks. Wear a dark colored blazer and a light colored skirt along with a nice contrasting colored legging and you have the perfect combination.

I really liked the heels that this model is wearing.

cream turtleneck sweater

Image Courtesy: en.paperblog.com

This is the simplest of all combinations. Light colored turtlenecks, an army colored loose jacket and pairing it with Blue denim can give you the perfect look yet keep it simple. Dark sunglasses will add to your overall looks.

turtleneck fashion

Image Courtesy: pinkpeonies.com

I am a fan of pink and if you have a pink sweater then there is nothing to think about how to wear a turtleneck. Baby pink or, dark pink whatever is the color, it can be paired with pretty much anything. If you have light colored denim, then this is the perfect combination.

pink turtleneck sweater

Image Source: fashionstylemag.com



Over to You

What’s your styling combination for turtlenecks?

We would love to hear from you. Send us your pictures and we will include it in our future posts.

We hope you liked this post on how to wear a turtleneck and was able to draw inspiration for your next costume idea. Do let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


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