Winters – The Best Season for Fashion

I am sure you would agree that it is a nice time of the year to launch a Fashion Blog. With Winters approaching, Fashion will be at its peak, at least in this side of the world. Though I am not very sure about how it is  in the western parts, I am sure of the fact that you will love to show off your fashion particularly in Winters, even if you are from the west.

I have always loved Winters and having lived in Delhi for a considerably good amount of time, you actually don’t have a choice but to love the Winters.. because of the painful Summers. Though this reason is a secondary one for me, my primary reason for my love with this season is the misty mornings when you can have a hot cup of tea, get dressed up in your best apparels and get out of home for work..

On that note, let me show you a lovely Winter dress, that I came across while browsing the internet.

winter dresses

Recommended Combination:

A nice sweater. This would look good if you wear it over a good blue jeans, along with a pair of Winter Shoes. While a blue jeans will be the best combination, this dress will look cool over a black jeans as well. So it totally depends upon your choice as to which one you will love to wear.

Do let me know you choice for a good combination by commenting here. I will come back soon with another cool fashion funda.