6 Sugar Skull Halloween Costume Ideas 2015 – Series 2

Following up on our last post on some nice Calavera Sugar Skull Halloween Costume Ideas 2015, I thought I will create some nice combination sets for you on that theme. I personally like these spooky costumes for Halloween and I somehow relate Halloween to such costumes. And that is why when I stumbled upon these Calavera costume ideas, I kind of liked it very much.

My earlier post had a lot of costume ideas only using makeup and not relying too much on dresses. So in today’s post, I have picked up a combination of dresses and makeup accessories that can give you the perfect Sugar Skull Halloween Costume idea for Halloween 2015.

You can use some of these as an inspiration and design your own as well. Go ahead, let your creative juices flow and design your own Sugar Skull Costume for this Halloween.

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sugar skull costume ideas

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